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Rooftop wind system delivers 150% the energy of solar per dollar

Aeromine says its unique "motionless" rooftop wind generators deliver up to 50% more energy than a solar array of the same price, while taking up just 10% of the roof space and operating more or less silently. In independent tests, they seem legit.

Distributed energy generation stands to play a growing part in the world's energy markets. Most of this currently comes in the form of rooftop solar, but in certain areas, wind could definitely play a bigger part. Not every spot is appropriate for a bladed wind turbine, though, and in this regard, University of Houston spinoff Aeromine Technologies has designed a very different, very tidy form of rooftop wind energy capture that looks like it could be a real game-changer.

(rendered image) Aeromine says its "motionless" rooftop wind energy units deliver 150% as much energy for the money as solar panels, while taking up 10% of the roof space


Door: Loz Blain, 16-10-2022

Afbeelding: Aeromine

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