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Flying Cars Are Finally Coming: Here Are 3 That Will Hit the Skies Soon

The flying-car sector has been caught in a holding pattern between pie-in-the-sky promises and a marketable reality for decades. But the industry may be approaching a tipping point, with three outfits now close to ushering the concept—and to be clear, we’re not talking eVTOL aircraft, but road-legal cars with wings or rotors—into production.

Unlike eVTOLs, flying cars actually fit into existing regulatory structures. According to Dr. Kyriakos Kourousis, program director at the University of Limerick program in airworthiness and fellow at the Royal Aeronautical Society: “The market could be bigger than that corresponding to ultralight/light and general aviation aircraft.”

Courtesy of Klein Vision

Door: Rohit Jaggi, 23-10-2022

Afbeelding: Courtesy of Klein Vision

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